Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sheer Madness

Chiffon is a beautiful, lightweight and sheer fabric. We typically see chiffon used in dresses, lingerie, and blouses – very feminine pieces. But today, the trend is leaning towards adding chiffon to tops and pieces that have a more athletic and casual styles. The chiffon gives that feminine detail to the pieces – making them a little less casual, but still keeping it comfortable to wear. Here at Vanity, we have several tops that have the chiffon detailing that we are sure you will love! So check out all of our chiffon detailed tops at a Vanity location near you or online at Vanity.com!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Aztec print has become the print du jour this season.  From clutches, shoes, phone accessories, clothing and home decor, Aztec print has exploded as a hot trend.  Vanity has embraced this print in most product categories.  You may see hints of it in our accessories, the detailing on a shoe or jean, a bold printed legging, or the the main focus on a fashion top.  Embrace the bold prints by pairing with solid color accessories, shoes and bottoms. If you are hoping to sport ethnic and eccentric fashion this summer, check out our Aztec printed fashion tops in a Vanity store location or online at Vanity.com!